Our Process


Aarcher Talent has the distinct ability to deliver highly qualified candidates for environmental, health, and safety (EHS) positions by quantifying client needs and evaluating candidates using our systematic approach.

At the heart of our system is the Aarcher Talent Skills Matrix™, a comprehensive skills inventory that we developed by combining information gathered over Aarcher’s 20-year history and skills information compiled from the more than 6,500 students that have attended Aarcher Institute of Environmental Training courses.

Our recruiters use industry-leading methods to conduct national searches quickly and effectively. They work closely with our “Qualifications Team,” a staff with deep understanding of the EHS industry. This coordination ensures that client needs are fully understood and candidate capabilities are evaluated accurately and honestly.

In some cases, an exceptional candidate brings the appropriate educational background and suitable experience, but would benefit from additional focused training to ensure all necessary skills are available on day one. In these cases, our Qualifications Team may recommend specific training that would benefit the candidate in their new position, and even coordinate the training in advance of employment.

Following is an overview of our proprietary recruiting process:

  • Initial Tasking – You will be assigned a recruiter, who will quickly gather a basic position description and discuss options for engaging Aarcher Talent. Upon enlisting our support, your recruiter will coordinate a call or in-person meeting with our Qualifications Team.
  • Position Qualifications – Our Qualifications Team are EHS professionals who will discuss your organization’s EHS needs and challenges, the role of the new hire, and the full set of skills required. Based on this discussion, the Qualifications Team will complete an Aarcher Talent Skills Matrix™ to document the specific background required for the position.
  • The Search – Armed with the Aarcher Talent Skills Matrix™ and with additional input from the Qualifications Team, your recruiter will go into action, initiating an aggressive and focused recruiting process using the latest tools and techniques to find quality candidates, including both active and passive job seekers.
  • Candidate Screening – Your recruiter will perform standard screening activities to confirm candidates are truly interested, available, and viable. Candidates deemed eligible are then evaluated by the Qualifications Team using the previously prepared Aarcher Talent Skills Matrix™ . This evaluation goes well beyond a simple skills checklist and a review of resumes; the Qualifications Team evaluates a candidate’s skills, asking detailed questions and challenging claimed capabilities.
  • Presentations of Candidates – Candidates determined by the Qualifications Team to hold the necessary capabilities will then be presented to you by your recruiter. The number of candidates presented may be fewer than with common recruiting methods, and candidates are sometimes presented with recommendations for specific training the Qualifications Team believes would benefit both the candidate and your organization.
  • Hiring Support – Your recruiter will then help coordinate interviews and other aspects of your selection and hiring process.