Health and Safety

Health and safety professionals work to protect employees and the public, but their individual experience and capabilities are not always consistent and not all are well-suited for every health and safety position. Some are very familiar with general industry requirements, construction sites, or a particular industry, while others hold expertise evaluating employee exposure and controls. Performing indoor air quality monitoring is very different than addressing arc flash hazardous or fall protection, or managing safety data sheets. If overall health and safety program leadership is needed, additional skills are required.

A number of professional licenses and safety certificates are available, but determining the value of such credentials requires knowledge of eligibility criteria, testing content, and continuing education requirements of each program. We have studied nearly every available licensing and certification program, to enable our Qualifications Team to include consideration of these credentials in its evaluations.

Our recruiting and qualification system is designed to identify the right safety and health candidates, based on close consideration of their qualifications and their potential role within your organization. A benefit of our system is that we have the ability to present candidates along with any recommendations for additional, focused training that will help ensure your new hire is successful.

Aarcher Talent is available to find and qualify any health and safety professionals you require, including:

Industrial Hygienists
Safety Compliance Professionals
Construction Health and Safety Officers
OSHA Safety Trainers
OSHA Compliance Officers
MSHA Compliance Officers
Indoor Air Quality Specialists
Safety Inspectors/Auditors
Advanced Safety Paradigm Experts (ASP/CSC)
Integrated Safety Management Experts (ISM)
Safety Administrators

Where appropriate, we source safety and health professionals with certifications from the professional certification boards, such as:

Board of Certified Safety Professionals
Board of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditor Certifications
American Society of Safety Engineers
Institute for Safety and Health Certifications
Institute of Hazardous Materials Management
Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network

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